The Holiday Puppy

I’m sitting at my desk. My calculus book and binder lay unopened in front of me.  My mind drifts off, a slight pain tapping the back of my head.  In less than 72 hours, I will be home.  The buttery autumn leaves, the smells of caramel apples and hay rides, the twinkling of lights as I pass out of that tunnel, that so special tunnel, will be at my toes.  Home… my black and gold home.  Nothing excites my neurons more than the thought of my puppy (actually she’s two) greeting me at the door.


It was New Years Eve day, the last day of 2011.  As it was a Saturday, I was busy shelving books for our community library.  (Libraries are little universes. They make my heart glow, but more on that later…)  I may have been listening to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I don’t quite remember.  I do remember feeling rather angry.  My mother was precisely an hour late to pick me up.  On New Year’s Eve!  Can you believe it?  Oh, how I chuckle now…

Finally, just before I thought my eyes would start vomiting Dewey Decimal numbers, my sister, my cousin, and my mom showed up, bundled with a ridiculous proposition that we were going to get a dog (their excuse for being late).  I laughed a little at the joke, and followed them out to the car.  Upon entering the car, I think I may have drooled at the sight of a crate, toys (like real puppy chew toys), and a plethora of other puppy necessities.  Apparently, my mom and sister had seen an ad in the paper for beagle puppies, and not just any beagle puppies but $50 beagle pups.


#I started this before fall break, and will finish it I promise!!!


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