Loosely responding to the “Why can’t we be friends?” prompt

Isn’t that the “ultimate” question, though?  (I guess not, because then the answer would be 42, and we would still have as little understanding of its meaning as if we did not know the answer at all.)  I honestly believe that the answer to this question SHOULD be: “What do you mean?  We can ALL be friends.”  Then I remember that there is hatred in the world- that within this beautiful globe there exists the grime of racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, etc… and for what?  Natural human insecurity and categorizations.

I believe (and I may be wrong) that racism and other such biases come from people’s desire to never be outcast— to feel as though there is someone lower than them in the “rankings”— and from their wish to never be wrong (at least, this seems to be the case in politics).  Truthfully, 99.99% of the people in this world are AMAZING, but that .001% brings our society down.


How, in this day and age, can people still believe that one race or gender is better than another?  Remember what we have in common: we are all homo sapiens, every single one of us.  People don’t recognize that we all have so much more in common than we have different.  I don’t mean to marginalize the differences though, which define us as unique and wonderful individuals.  I do, however, wish for the utopian dream in which we all could love each other.  Love is so powerful a force- mightier than loathing.  Why can’t we be friends with the “loners” in school?  You may be missing out on a chance to not only save someone’s life, but also to meet a new friend.  It’s cheesy and cliche, but it is true.

I hope there will be a little more love in the world today.  ❤

With all of my love,

N. Annette


Some interesting photographs

I thought I would share some interesting space-related information, since I don’t know if I can think of any more digital topics to rant on, at least for the moment.  I hope you are at least intrigued by the following, even if astronomy/science isn’t your area of interest… 🙂


The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram: This diagram, as you can see, charts the temperatures, luminosities (brightness), and sizes of different stars in our galaxy.  This diagram is particularly useful in stellar astrophysics, in helping to categorize and better understand the stars and star systems which are being studied (including our own star!!)

  The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram



This image is of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, the deepest image of the Universe to date.


This is a map configured over the course of many years by scientists of the known Universe from our perspective.  There are over 50,000 galaxies charted here.  (If you think that is a large number, it is thought that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe, and to blow your mind even more, hundreds of billions of stars in each of those galaxies.  Imagine how many stars and star systems there are in the entire Universe.  Is your head spinning yet?) 🙂




This photograph is based on the theory of space-time as a dimension.  Each object, due to the force of gravity (so it is thought) sits in its own slightly warped nest in space and time.  Supermassive black holes have enough gravity, however, to truly indent the dimension of space time.  Time literally slows down close to a black hole, and once something is inside the black hole, in a sense, (it is thought) it is no longer really in our universe.  As well, nothing, not even light, can escape a black hole (thus where it obtained its name).


Here is a digitally enhanced image of a supernova.  A supernova is the death of a massive star, which has used up all of its fuel for nuclear fusion.  It is thought that our sun is actually a second (or third) generation star, and that our solar system was actually formed from the supernova of the star that existed here prior to the sun.  Some even more massive stars will collapse into a black hole.  Our sun will merely expand once it has used up its fuel, before retracting into a white dwarf star, while other, more recently discovered stars known as brown dwarfs (which would fall at the bottom left of the HR diagram) will (and have) trudge on for possibly trillions of years.  Their sizes are so small, temperatures so low, and luminosities so low, that they use up their ‘fuel’ at a very slow rate.



Response to Daily Prompt 5

Daily Prompt: Five Items

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

The five items I must have on a deserted island:

1). A journal and a pen.  (I am counting them as one, because neither one can be useful without the other.)  No matter where I am in the world, I will always have something to write with.  On one note, I like to keep a personal record of the important events in my life or the experiences that strike me, so that when I am older I will still be able to hold onto those memories.  As well, life is so full of stories– so many ideas meander in and out of sight throughout the day, and if I have a journal, I will be able to store those ideas for the stories I write.

2). A camera.  Photographs speak so well.

3). A toothbrush.  I really wouldn’t want my teeth to rot.

4). A radio.  I would take it apart and reassemble it in such a way that I could use it to transmit radio signals to nearby ships, airplanes, and to satellites.  (p.s. This is definitely possible)

5). A canoe and oars.  If my other clever plans of escape failed to deliver, I would merrily row my boat across the ocean to the nearest inhabited land.




Can movies be timeless?

When someone refers to timeless classics, usually Grimms’ Fairy Tales or Peter and Wendy or Alice in Wonderland or, the most “timeless” of all, Shakespeare’s writings come to mind.  What do these works have in common?  Age, their relevance through the ages, and a little touch of magic?  Yet, as the digital age drives on, it seems as though the definition of a timeless classic is changing.  Disney movies are considered timeless classics because of their significant impacts on generations of people.  Can a movie ever really be timeless though?

As the the decades ware on, the quality of movies continually grows.  Even from 1999, when the movie Sleepy Hollow came out, the blood, the make up, the acting were slightly cheesy and amateur in comparison to the movies of today.  Look at even the progression of Doctor Who from its creation in 1963 to its 50th anniversary this year.  It started as a black and white television show with little means for impressive special effects.  Yes the acting and scripts have always been wonderful (and Doctor Who is unique in its following through today), however the special effects from 1963 cannot compare to those from 2013.  The simple sound of the TARDIS appearing and disappearing has improved in quality since 2005, when the series was rebooted.  The reality is that as new generations are born into worlds of such impressive movies, they will begin to forget about the older movies.  Books on the other hand will never have this problem.

The only problem the written word will face is the changing social attitudes of the generations, but what does not fall victim to changing social conventions?  Aside from that, the written word will merely progress from being printed on an old printing press to today’s mass printing capabilities to the growing library of the Internet.  Otherwise, the words will not change.  The reader’s imagination is their screen, and their story, the same story, will play untouched in readers’ heads through all of the generations, with only the exception of the diverse imaginations they inhabited.  A film can never hold this same eternal touch.  Eventually even DVD’s and Blu Rays will give way to some more efficient technology.  Most movies will survive, but some, the forgotten ones, will be lost.  (Actually, there are even some old episodes of Doctor Who which are missing, although I think that is for other reasons.)

So I ask you, is the film really timeless?

(p.s. This is not meant to be a critique of films– as you can tell, I love films and that one television show known as Doctor Who– but it is meant to provoke thought on the tenacity of the written word over visual and sonic words.)


Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect

If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?


I would cure cancer.  Cancer has hurt so many lives through out history, and as people continue to live longer and longer lives, the risks of cancer will only increase.  As well, as the industrial age continues, although many technologies are evolving which will reduce carcinogens emitted into the atmosphere, there is no doubt that increased levels of air pollution and radiation from industry have increased the instances of cancer.  I, and many others, know the pain of losing loved ones to such a cruel, internal illness which seems to arise out of the air.  It is particularly sad when this disease affects young people.  If I could create a cure for anything, it would definitely be cancer.

The Girl Who Never Grew Up

My favorite story in all the realms of time and space is Peter Pan.  I was first introduced to the adventures of Neverland as a two year old, when my parents took me to see the broadway adaptation of Peter Pan From the moment the curtains were drawn, I was hooked.  I was carried away to a world of stories and imagination, a world in which childhood never dies.  I would lay awake at night, devising adventures in my head: my own adventures with the boy who never grew up and Wendy and John and Michael and the Lost Boys.  At the time, it was my favorite game, my playground from heaven.  My imagination was my sanctuary.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized the significance of the time I spent in Neverland.  That time brought me to writing and astronomy, my two greatest passions today.  

As a little girl, my grammatically traumatized words tumbled onto any surface I could find.  I wanted to share my adventures with the world, the adventures with my special imaginary friends.  I wanted to share the fun of battling pirates, flying everywhere I wanted, and forever being a kid.  Those adventures brought me to the second star to the right and beyond.  It lead my imagination to far away kingdoms and lightning fish glistening in the oceans above my head.  It lead me to myself and my destiny.  Of course, I have changed tremendously since the day those curtains opened, unfortunately having broken my pact to never grow up.  Still, even as my college career commences, I owe my dreams to the child that walks within me, the child who is still in love with Peter Pan.


The Holiday Puppy

I’m sitting at my desk. My calculus book and binder lay unopened in front of me.  My mind drifts off, a slight pain tapping the back of my head.  In less than 72 hours, I will be home.  The buttery autumn leaves, the smells of caramel apples and hay rides, the twinkling of lights as I pass out of that tunnel, that so special tunnel, will be at my toes.  Home… my black and gold home.  Nothing excites my neurons more than the thought of my puppy (actually she’s two) greeting me at the door.


It was New Years Eve day, the last day of 2011.  As it was a Saturday, I was busy shelving books for our community library.  (Libraries are little universes. They make my heart glow, but more on that later…)  I may have been listening to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I don’t quite remember.  I do remember feeling rather angry.  My mother was precisely an hour late to pick me up.  On New Year’s Eve!  Can you believe it?  Oh, how I chuckle now…

Finally, just before I thought my eyes would start vomiting Dewey Decimal numbers, my sister, my cousin, and my mom showed up, bundled with a ridiculous proposition that we were going to get a dog (their excuse for being late).  I laughed a little at the joke, and followed them out to the car.  Upon entering the car, I think I may have drooled at the sight of a crate, toys (like real puppy chew toys), and a plethora of other puppy necessities.  Apparently, my mom and sister had seen an ad in the paper for beagle puppies, and not just any beagle puppies but $50 beagle pups.


#I started this before fall break, and will finish it I promise!!!